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WE offer different rental plans to fit your water needs! 

we carry four types of systems:
1. 6 Stage Alkaline water system
2. 6 stage countertop alkaline system
3. 5 stage purified home system
4. 5 stage countertop purified system

all of our rentals include filter changes & mAINTENANCE SERVICE 

INSTALLED  UNDERNEATH THE counter sink, ALONG WITH A  3 GAL REservoir TANK, and fACUET TO DISPENSE water is INSTALLED on sink counter.  This set up is perfect for individuals who WANT TO USE THE WATER TO COOK, DRINK AND WASH PRODUCE. 

Alkaline/ Purification  CounterTop rental
Alkaline/ Purification  CounterTop WITH CASE
Counter Case fILTER {Available for purchase} 

1- Filter Lifetime Indicator 

2- TDS Value 

3- Operating Signal

4- Membrane Flush

5- Pressure Tank Full 

6- Low Inlet Water Pressure

7- High TDS Warning 

8- Change Filter Warning

9- Leakage Warning & Shut Off
water countertop is perfect for renters who want the convenience of having drinking water  without having to puncture holes on your counter sink.  The compact system is portable and does not take much counter space. 
Alkaline / Purification Home System