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                           Alkaline Water                                            
​5 gallon ALKALINE                                          $10.99 includes delivery   (MINIMUM ORDER 2 )

3 gallon Alkaline Water                           $8.99 includes delivery                (MINIMUM ORDER 2 )

                                   bOTTLED alKALINE wATER 


24 pack of 16.9oz bottled Alkaline Water 24.99 + CRV

12 pack of 16.9oz bottled Alkaline Water 12.99 + CRV

12 pack of 1 liter bottled Alkaline water 17.99 + CRV

24 Pack of 1 liter bottled alkaline water 35.99 + CRV 

                       pURIFIED wATER                                          

​5 GALLON pURIFIED waTER                          $6.99  INCLUDES dELIvERY


3 GALLON pURIFIED WATER                          $5.99 INCLUDES DELIVERY                (MINIMUM ORDER 3)



​5 GALLON SPRING WATER                          $8.99  INCLUDES DELIVERY

3 GALLON SPRING WATER                          $7.99 INCLUDES DELIVERY        


                                              RENTALS   ​​
CROCK & STAND                                             $5.00per month

COOLER COLD/HOT                                       $12.00per month

serving Orange County, Los Angeles and san bernardino county.

Alkaline Water

Our alkalized, water starts out as purified water. Then trace minerals are added to the water in order to alkalize it. This makes the water a strong antioxidant that ultra hydrates your body on a cellular level. Alkaline water helps increase energy levels, detoxifies the body from an acidic diet, increases circulation and blood flow levels. Alkaline water improves the flavor of tea, coffee, soups, and it’s great for cooking too! 

Water delivery service


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Regardless of the type of water you order, you can be sure that you will receive the finest water.

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3 Bottles 
Hot/ Cold Cooler
  Every 4 Weeks 

Water delivery at your door steps!  Water Delivery in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino

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Special Deal: Alkaline Water Delivery Los Angeles

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Orange County leading Water Delivery Company 

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Purified Water:

​Our purified water undergoes a rigorous, multi-step purification process, and the water we bottle at the end of this process is nearly 100% pure H2O. Our purified water has down to 5 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (TDS.) To give you an idea of how little that is, tap water has between 400 and 600 ppm.